Weeknotes are for when you’re eating sushi and forget to take a photo and then later you decide you should tell people about it because it was excellent.

Loved the food at Sushi Marvel in Manchester. I was too busy eating to take many photos but I paused before tackling the chicken karaage rice bowl so there’s at least one of that. I’ve recently started a regular pilgrimage to Manchester’s food scene and so far Sushi Marvel’s been my favourite for food.

Lots of walking this week. Inspired by Paul Messner’s recent trip to Scotland I’m now thinking of walking The West Highland Way.

Made a proper start on the app I’m working on with my friends. I need to learn what’s new in React to work on the frontend.

Decided to redo my Neovim config and make it work the way I want it to. This deserves its own post next week.

Subscribed to Micro.blog 🥳 I’ve decided to use micro.paultibbetts.uk for the domain and I wrote that DNS setting down as Terraform code instead of doing it by hand. Don’t ask how much longer that took me.

chicken karaage rice bowl