Day 6 involves breakfast at Glencoe mountain resort, Kingshouse Inn, and dealing with a low phone battery.

Misty mountain wild camp.

Day 5 and I’d hoped for a massive day, doing 2 stages in one go to bring the total down from 8 days to 7, but I’ve woken up feeling a bit run down.

Hoping the walking fixes it, instead of making it worse.

Day summaries have been postponed until after the trip. They take too long to write on a phone and I have walking to do.

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties at the Tyndrum Inn.

Even later start to day 4 but I treated myself to a full Scottish breakfast.

19km today. Apparently days 2 and 3 are the toughest walking sections so I should be a bit faster today.

Made it to Beinglas in time for dinner.

Loch Lomond

You’re not allowed to camp at this perfect little camp spot and then sit on the perfectly located bench beside it because it’s on this side of the sign.

Breakfast banana from Bocsa Bean in Rowardennan.

And a coffee of course.

I was impressed that the whole trailer’s powered by the electric car parked next to it and only uses 2% of the battery.


Today’s just as long as yesterday and yet I’m setting off an hour later 🥴

Should still make it before sunset.


Day 2 summary needs to wait until I find WiFi.

A long and undulating second day.



Sandwich stop in Balmaha.

Which is a fantastic word to shout in a bad Scottish accent.

Loch Lomond from Conic Hill.

Half way through today’s route.

These Aloe Vera ear plugs blocked out most of the snoring and noisy sleeping pads at the camp site last night.

Nothing could stop the 4:30 alarm from the birds though.

ear plugs

West Highland Way - day 1

Caught the train from Glasgow to Milngavie (pronounced mull-guy because: Scotland) at 11:38.

The excellent signage began at the train station, which is good because I don’t have a map 😅

Grabbed a coffee from Costa and started at 12:30.

Passed through a dinosaur-proof gate,

and was confused what it was for until I saw the sign.

7 miles in I made it to the Beech Tree,

where I made a sugar-stop,

and watched the ponies.

Arrived at Drymen Camping at 17:30,

where I had dinner in bed,

having completed my longest recorded hike yet.

So far I’ve heard English, Scottish, English from down under, German and Spanish.

I wonder if I’ll add to that on day 2.

Well this is a first.

Night 1 of the West Highland Way for me is a stay at Drymen Camping, eating pizza in my tent.


Eating pizza inside my tent.

Off to a very damp start.

3rd time doing the rain jacket on and then off again dance.

92 miles to go.

A sign saying Fort William (the end of the route) is 92 miles away.

I’m walking The West Highland Way.

Almost 100 miles, should take about a week, so this is now a hiking and camping micro blog.

The starting point of The West Highland Way in Milngavie, Scotland.