Another missed opportunity to photograph my food. Another weeknotes.

I fixed my bike this week. All it needed was the tyres pumping up, but I didn’t have the right pump because my new bike uses Presta valves and I’d never even heard of them before.

More money later and my bike’s road worthy again. Went out for a short ride to celebrate and now I’m all achey. Planning on getting out more next week.

Met up with the team at The Colmore in Birmingham, which is a great after work spot in the city centre with a ridiculous amount of beers on tap. I had an anchovy pizza and once again forgot about needing content for my blog whilst eating it.

Planned and booked The West Highland Way for June after watching Paul Messner’s series. Bought some new gear in preparation. Going to microblog the trip. Can’t let good content keep going to waste.