I’m currently on a three month sabbatical from work.

I’ve been there for over five years and wanted a little break to work on my own things.


Touch typing - I’m learning to touch type. You’ll see me post about typing and keyboards more than I normally would.

Setting up my Mac - I’ve just bought an M3 Macbook Pro and I’m reviewing the apps I use.

Blogging - regularly. I’m viewing this as a project because it’s new to me, but I’d like it to become a normal everyday thing.

Getting back into fitness - running and cycling


Bikepacking - I bought a gravel bike to go bikepacking last year and I still haven’t been! I need to fix that.

Hiking - I’m always thinking about the next destination


Helldivers 2 - for co-op

The Finals - for competitive PVP

Dave the Diver - for relaxing


Dev - over seven years ago my colleagues and I wanted an app to send recommendations to each other, and we still haven’t found the right one, so now we’re making it ourselves.

Learning Go - because it looks better suited for the DevOps work I do nowadays.


Homelab - now I’ve got dedicated time to work on it I’m making more progress on my homelab than I have since I started it.



Deep Work - I read this years ago and taking some time off to get some work done seemed like a perfect time to reread it.

DevOps Handbook - I really like this. I got to the part about “starting a DevOps movement in your company” and then started my sabbatical, so for now I’m reading the other books. I’ll finish it before I go back to work.

The Art of Monitoring - is helping to unravel the mysteries of monitoring web applications.


Arisen Raiders: The Last Raid 🧟 - I don’t like the look of that title!


I’ve recently signed up to and it has a lot more features than my previous blog, so for now it’s my home on the internet.

I’m planning on using it for general updates and photos of bread of course, like any good blog, but also for recording design decisions in my development work, updates to my homelab and other nerdy things.

I’d like to make some progress on my own blogging system, and then these things can go there instead, but I don’t have that yet, so I’ll use to track my progress working towards that.